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Migrants and refugees

For the first time in 12 years, the official authorities of Belarus hosted a UN Special Rapporteur in the country

Human Constanta prepared a written report on the problems faced by migrants.

Death penalty threats: review of the fight against extremism in Belarus in April-June 2022

A review of the use of "anti-extremist" legislation in Belarus from April to June 2022 captures the main trends in the use of the markers "extremism" and "terrorism." We analyze the publications of state media, pro-government Telegram channels, independent media, and human rights organizations.

Newsletters about situation with human rights in Belarus

The human rights organization Human Constanta regularly prepares a news digest on human rights violations in Belarus after the August 9 elections.
Migrants and refugees

Free Legal office for the protection of the rights of foreign citizens and stateless persons: Report for 2021

This report is an overview of the activities of the free legal office, the specifics of the appeals and a description of the legislative and law enforcement problems that we faced in 2021.

Death penalty for attempted terrorism – Human Constanta’s commentary

On 28 April 2022, the National Legal Portal published the draft law on amendments to the Belarusian Criminal Code. This draft law provided that the grounds for imposing the death penalty could be expanded for attempted acts of terrorism.

“On the genocide of Belarusian people” – legal overview of the new law

There is another legislative innovation in Belarus  –  the Law “On the Genocide of the Belarusian people” was adopted on 5 January 2022.
Migrants and refugees

2 talks dedicated to World Refugee Day (June 17 and 20)

We invite you to two online talks to discuss the challenges for refugees from Ukraine and other countries. The talks will be held by international experts on the topic.


Analytical note about the situation of vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic in Belarus.

Towards Human Rights: From the Ideals of Humanism to the Protection of Human Dignity

Can a conversation about society's path to human rights and the definition of human dignity give strength in today's circumstances and help us find resources? Philosopher Olga Shparaga believes it can.

Special projects

Humanitarian crisis

Human rights organization Human Constanta has collected information about the migration situation with "transit refugees" and is sharing a thematic report on this page. We call this situation a "humanitarian crisis" and recommend, among other things, organizing a humanitarian corridor for the 1,000 people who are still in Belarus.

Ice Hockey World Championship 2021 in Belarus: joint statement by human rights organizations

Human rights violations continue in Belarus: 18,000 people were detained for expressing opinions and participating in peaceful gatherings between August and 9 November 2020. From the beginning of the presidential election campaign to 4 November, at least 4,600 people were brought to administrative responsibility for political reasons. At least 850 people have become suspects in […]

No one is illegal

The stigmatizing word "illegals" is increasingly heard in the media. So people are called, although this is a wrong definition, entailing discrimination and even hatred. We wrote 7 reasons why calling people “illegal” is wrong.

Entry to Belarus for foreign citizens

From 2018, citizens of 74 countries can come to Belarus and stay there for up to 30 days without any visa. Which countries are in the list, what types of visas there are and what entry conditions see in our infographics.

22 tries — animation about refugees in Brest

Perpetual Humanitarian Assistance Mission in Brest Human Constanta started in October 2016. At that time the local migration crisis occurred at the border. What kind of refugees are in Brest and what are they fleeing from? Together with the Dutch animator and the Clear studio we tried to talk about it in a small clip.

Foreign students in Belarus

How many foreign students study in Belarusian higher educational institutions? We made inquiries, collected information for 2017 and made a clear infographic.

Road through Belarus

We have gathered tips for human rights defenders, journalists, and activists on safe transit and stay in Belarus: what threats can there be and how to respond to them. In most cases, you will have no problems, but each situation is unique, so help the council members who will help you help.

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