COVID-19 vaccination in Belarus for foreign citizens

Human Constanta
20 July 2021

From July 15, 2021 to December 31, 2022, citizens of 73 countries will not need a visa to travel to Belarus for vaccination against COVID-19. Foreign nationals will be able to stay in Belarus for up to five days without meeting self-isolation requirements. The required documents for entering Belarus are an ordinary passport, a negative PCR test done less than 3 days before travel, and a submitted online application.

Foreign nationals must apply for vaccination upfront at the webpage: and receive confirmation of the date, time, and place of vaccination. They can enter Belarus no earlier than two days after receiving confirmation. The webpage where applicants can register says that vaccination is carried out for a fee of 140 Belarusian rubles (~ 47 euros).

Since the vaccine is administered in two jabs with an interval of up to 90 days, foreign nationals will have to go through the procedure of filling out an application and traveling to Belarus twice. After full vaccination they will receive official vaccination certificates.

As for foreigners living in Belarus with temporary or permanent residence permits, they can get vaccinated at Belarusian healthcare facilities in the same way as Belarusian citizens. To get the vaccine, it is required to make an appointment at a designated facility online or by phone, attend the appointment and present passport and Belarusian residence permit. After full vaccination, foreign residents in Belarus will also receive a state recognised vaccination certificate.

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