Free legal office for the protection of the rights of foreign citizens and stateless persons: report for 2020

Human Constanta
23 March 2021

In 2017, Human Constanta opened a free legal office for the protection of the rights of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Belarus. In 2020, we continued to provide free consultations to foreigners and stateless persons who find themselves in difficult situations on the territory of Belarus. The traditional range of questions about the procedures for obtaining a permanent and temporary residence permit has been supplemented with questions related to new challenges — the COVID-19 pandemic and protests in Belarus.

This report provides an overview of the office’s activities, the specifics of appeals, and a description of the legislative and law administration problems we faced in 2020.

Legal consultation Migrants and refugees

How can a foreigner stay in Belarus legally? Registration.

You have arrived in Belarus. What’s next? Registration in Belarus — is an important legal procedure. But first, let’s define the terms. Foreigners can temporary stay, temporary and permanently reside in the Republic of Belarus. What does it mean:
Migrants and refugees

Belarus is going to extradite Jehovah’s Witness to Russia where he is at risk of criminal prosecution of religion

Russian member of the religious organisation Jehovah’s Witnesses has already spent 40 days under arrest in Belarus. Belarusian law-enforcement agencies consider extradition to Russia, where the activities of the organisation are declared as extremist. There he is to face trial and confinement for a period up to 15 years.
Migrants and refugees

Exit visa from Belarus: what is that and who needs it

If you live in Belarus on the grounds of temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit you may need an exit visa to leave Belarus. What is that and how to get it?
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees Employment in Belarus

Employment in Belarus for foreigners

How can a foreigner get employed in Belarus? All categories of foreigners – whether they hold a permanent residence permit (PRP), a temporary residence permit or are staying in Belarus temporarily – may be employed in Belarus.
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees residence permit in Belarus

Getting a permanent residence permit in Belarus

A permanent residence permit in Belarus (hereinafter — PRP) is almost equivalent to a Belarusian passport. It grants foreigners the same scope of rights that Belarusian citizens have. Except for electoral rights – such as the right to vote and the right to be elected. Only Russian citizens with a PRP may take part in local […]
Migrants and refugees

2022 Humanitarian crisis in Belarus and at the border with the European Union

In 2021, a cross-border humanitarian crisis began on the border between Belarus and neighboring states of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as the EU), when, in aggregate, tens of thousands of transit refugees arrived and continue to arrive singly or in groups to Belarus to cross the border with the EU and apply for international protection.This report maps the main stages of the humanitarian crisis in 2022, analyzes important developments in terms of the protection and promotion of human rights.
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