How foreigners can get medical aid in Belarus?

Human Constanta
29 August 2018

To come to Belarus, foreigners must have a health insurance card. With it, you may get emergency medical care in any Belarusian medical institution.

Medical insurance for foreigners

! You don’t need an insurance card and you get first aid for free if:

  • you are a citizen of CIS (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia);
  • you are a citizen of Turkmenia (Belarus has signed an international agreement on collaboration in providing first aid and emergency medical aid);
  • have asked for refugee status or additional protection;
  • you are passing Belarus by train or plane.

Insurance contract

An insurance contract can be issued both in Belarusian and foreign insurance companies. However, if you issue an insurance contract in a foreign insurance company, you need to make sure that:

  • the name of the insurance organization, its address, contact phone numbers are noted;
  • your full name is noted;
  • conditions apply to the territory of Belarus;
  • the agreement is valid for the full period of time you are going to spend in Belarus;
  • a stated insurance amount not less than 10 000 euro.

After signing of the contract you will be given a certificate of insurance or a card. If they are written in a foreign language they need to be translated to Russian or Belarusian. You should carry it with you in case you decide to turn to a medical institution in Belarus.

Health care delivery to foreigners

There are emergency medical care and elective care services in Belarus.

Emergency medical care is provided if you suddenly fall ill with something and you urgently need medical intervention (list of diseases (conditions) which require emergency medical care). If you have an insurance card first aid will be free for you. If there’s no insurance card or you can’t confirm its availability, then you will have to pay for hospitalization and medical assistance according to the price list for the foreigners.

Elective medical care is everything that doesn’t apply to emergency care. For example, if you just want to undergo a medical examination, or you need a doctor’s appointment for prescribing medicine.

Medical care and permanent residence permit

If you have a permanent residence permit in Belarus, then you have the same rights for any medical assistance as Belarusian citizens do. It means that you are able to receive both free and paid medical services according to the price-list applicable to Belarusian citizens.

! BUT the citizens of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine with residence permit still have to pay for elective medical care.

Medical care and temporary residence permit

If you’ve come to Belarus as a tourist or live in Belarus on the basis of a temporary residence permit, you can receive elective medical care only for a fee, according to the price list for foreigners.

For foreigners, prices will be considerably higher than for Belarusians, so you can agree on some services in your insurance contract in advance. After receiving medical care in Belarusian medical institutions, you can contact your insurance company to get compensation.

Medical care for Russian citizens

! The citizens of Russia with the Belarusian residence permit receive free both emergency and elective medical care. If some medical services are on a paid basis only, for Russians with residence permit there is a price list as for Belarusian citizens.

Russians are temporarily staying or temporarily residing in Belarus receive emergency medical care free of charge only. The services of elective medical care should be paid according to the price list for foreigners.

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