Human Constanta’s statement on the situation in Ukraine

Human Constanta
27 February 2022

On February 24, 2022, the armed forces of the Russian Federation officially started military actions on the territory of Ukraine. The de facto Belarusian authorities provided aid and assistance to Russia, allowing them to use its territory, civilian and military infrastructure. The planning and preparation of an aggressive war was carried out in advance and secretly from the Belarusian society. Ukraine is now acting in self-defense against an armed attack initiated by Russia.

We condemn these actions on the part of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. This is a challenge to the security of the whole world. Urgent and effective measures must be taken to counter this aggression.

We call upon the international community to provide any available assistance to Ukraine, as well as to people who have the opportunity to leave Ukraine and seek protection in other countries.

We call upon people and organizations to help those who remain on the territory of Ukraine, escaping regions, where active hostilities are taking place.

We are concerned about the most vulnerable groups who find themselves immobilized – caught in a war zone, unable to move anywhere, and having to face imminent danger and uncertainty. Such groups include people with disabilities, people experiencing poverty, people experiencing homelessness, people with limited mobility due to age and absence of family ties, incarcerated people or people whose liberty is restricted.

We call upon the parties to the conflict to remember and adhere to the rules and principles of international humanitarian law, including the prohibition on directing attacks against civilians and the obligation to guarantee humane treatment to prisoners of war.

The war is leading to human casualties, a general deterioration of human rights and humanitarian crises and cannot be a solution to problems in a civilized society.
We stand against the war and express solidarity and support to the Ukrainian people in their struggle to preserve sovereignty and defend their territory.

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