Legal counsel office for foreign nationals starts to work in Minsk

Human Constanta
9 October 2017

Human Constanta is opening free legal counsel office for foreigner nationals including migrants, refugees, and stateless persons. 

The office will work in the following formats: phone and online consultations or in-person consultations by prior arrangement.

Legal expert would provide advice to foreign nationals, migrants, refugees and stateless persons on a wide range of issues concerning their rights on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, such as:

  • obtaining a Belarusian residence permit
  • registration procedure
  • employment of foreign nationals
  • healthcare issues
  • the right to education for foreign nationals
  • deportation and expulsion issues
  • applying for asylum
  • etc.

We are helping foreign nationals understand all the nuances of Belarusian legislation so they know their rights and how to protect them. Very often when people come to another country involuntarily or willingly, it’s hard for them to navigate among even basic issues: how to registrate, send their children to school, get a job. Our legal counsel office will help foreign nationals comply with Belarusian legislation. Also we’ll see to it that their rights are not violated”. — says office coordinator Enira Bronitskaya.

The office will work 4 days a week: on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 am till 4 pm. Phone# +375 44 562 38 42 и e-mail: [email protected]

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