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How the whole world was writing human rights, and how the history can inspire today?

Post-Soviet countries are now undergoing a period of adopting and fully integrating human rights. The full-scale war in the center of Europe between Russia and Ukraine makes it necessary to take a new look at international institutions for the protection of these rights. Human rights activist Dmitry Makarov today talked of whether it was possible to seek inspiration in the history and legal design of human rights today

What does international humanitarian law say during the war?

During an armed conflict, human rights continue to apply, although some of them may be limited. Yet, the international humanitarian law (IHL), which is also called the “law of war,” starts to apply. Its key purpose is to minimize the consequences of war by making the belligerents follows certain rules of conduct.

“Extremism” in wartime – review of the fight against “extremism” in Belarus for January-March 2022

In the period from January to March 2022, Belarusian authorities continued to useanti-extremist laws to suppress dissent: state bodies reported on the fight against "extremism", state media wrote articles and made films on this topic, courts issued a new record number of decisions on recognizing materials as "extremist," the authorities published a list of "extremists" and introduced responsibility for the "denial of the genocide of the Belarusian people." More on these and other trends – in our review. 
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