Overview of the situation with “transit refugees” in Brest

Human Constanta
1 October 2018

The review is an interim report, it was prepared on the basis of monitoring activities of Human Constanta office in Brest with the participation of volunteers. The review covers the activities from May to August 2018.

Human Constanta works with modern challenges for human rights in Belarus. Among other things we deal with the protection of the rights of foreign citizens and stateless persons as well as the topic of non-discrimination. Since September 2016, we have deployed the Refugee Assistance Mission in Brest. In March 2017 an office for counseling foreign citizens and stateless persons was opened. We regularly monitor the situation in Brest and at the Polish border crossing point Terespol. During our work we issued several reports on the situation at the border.

During the period from May to August 2018 we conducted a survey among persons seeking asylum in Poland. They were interviewed by members of our organization at the railway station. Useful information, counseling and humanitarian assistance were provided. During that period we conducted 93 surveillances. We were able to interview in detail 43 families. Furthermore, we prepared 11 appeals against commandant’s actions.

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