Peace. Equality. Human rights. A week of educational activities 14-23 March 2022

Human Constanta
11 March 2022

War, repressions, dear people under bullets  – it’s hard to think about anything else right now, but it’s important to protect and support yourself in these difficult days. We believe that values and self-development can become a needed basis for self-care, so we welcome you to talk about important topics.

About what: this week we want to talk about such topics as the philosophy of human rights values, the history of their origin, human rights and military conflicts, various forms of discrimination.

Who: The week in Belarus is initiated by the human rights team of Human Constanta. This year we were joined by the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Ecohouse, the initiatives “Bolsh tsela”, “Porovnu” and “InshyYa”. We join the Weeks organized by the European Network Against Nationalism, Racism, Fascism and in Support of Migrants and Refugees (UNITED).

What will happen: lectures, games, trainings, film screenings will be held within the framework of the Week activities – we welcome you to follow the current event poster on the thematic instagram.

For now we definitely have the following events in the schedule:

March 14 (Monday) 19:00 Minsk time, online – a lecture from the philosopher Olga Shparaga “On the way to human rights: from the ideals of humanism to the protection of human dignity.” As part of the lecture, we will speak about a number of historical events and together try to understand why human dignity and human rights are the most important orienting points of modern life in almost any corner of the world. Registration via the link;

March 15 (Tuesday) 19:00 Minsk time, online –  a lecture by human rights activist Dmitry Makarov “How did Human Rights appear?”. As part of the lecture, we will discuss when and why human rights appeared, why we call this event a revolutionary and civilizational breakthrough, what is the role of Belarus and Ukraine in these processes, and how relevant all of this is now as we are witnessing another war in the center of Europe. Registration via the link;

March 16 (Wednesday) 18:30 Lithuanian time in Vilnius –  presentation of the board game “Believe it or not” from the new initiative “InshyYa”. Registration via the link until March 15;

March 18 (Thursday) 19:00 Minsk time, online – a seminar from the professor of the University of Liverpool (Great Britain) Kanstancin Dzegtsyarov “Is the law silent when the guns speak?”. During the seminar, participants and the lecturer will discuss in an interactive way what rights people have during armed conflicts and whether international tribunals can help in any way during confrontations. Registration via the link;

March 20 (Sunday) 19:00 Minsk time, online – a training from the “Porovnu” initiative on the topic “How gender stereotypes affect our lives”. During the event, we will discuss what gender stereotypes are and what role they play in our lives; what gender stereotypes exist nowadays, whether they are all negative and how they differ from traditions; what each of us can do in the fight against gender stereotypes. Registration via the link;

March 23 (Wednesday) 19:00 Minsk time, online – an event from the initiative “Bolshe tsela” on the topic “Love for yourself and your body: discussion and practical advice.” During the online event, we will discuss “beauty standards” for men and women and their impact on society; we will come up with practical tips for setting foot on the path to accepting your body; we will take a look at existing practices to prevent ED (eating disorders).” Registration via the link;

The list of events will be updated!

Ways to join:

Besides taking part in the events within the framework of the Week (March 14-23) you can also make a thematic post on your Instagram page in support of peace, equality and human rights with hashtags #peace #невайне #nowar #humanrights #правычалавека #РозныяРоўныя and tagging of the page @roznyjarounyja. We will gladly share your post! 

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