Visiting Belarus for II European games

Human Constanta
7 June 2019

II European Games are about to start on June, 21. At this time, not only organizers and athletes, but also other tourists willing to visit this sporting event will enjoy specific visa-free regime. 

How to come to Belarus for games?

All tourists that will visit the European Games can roughly be divided into two groups:

  1. Organizers and athletes participating in the European Games. 

    Such tourists can visit Belarus on visa-free regime from 20th May to 10th July through all crossing points (by train, by bus, by car, by plane) and even through Russia. To do this, they’re required to possess valid passports and accreditations.
  2. Tourists-fans who bought tickets to the European Games are free to come from 10th June to 10th July. They can get a visa or benefit from visa-free regime. 

Visa-free arrival

  • You have a ticket to at least 1 sporting event within the framework of the European Games or the opening / closing ceremony
  • You are a citizen of one of 74 countries*

You need to have a valid passport, a ticket to the European Games and medical insurance. Also, you should carry some money with you — at least 2 base rates (~€22) for each day of stay. You can arrive through any border crossing point by any means of transport (train, car, bus, plane). You are allowed also to come transitting from Russia. 

! With a ticket to the European Games you can only enter Belarus once. If your ticket is expired, you will be refused entry with it. 

 At the border, you must say clearly that you are going to visit the European Games on a visa-free basis. You will be asked to show your ticket to the Games and also a return ticket out of Belarus if you arrive by road. If you arrive in Belarus by plane, it’s not necessary to have a return ticket. 

Arrival with obtaining a visa

If you have a ticket to the European Games, but the visa-free regime doesn’t apply to you, you can get a visa for the period of 10th June to 10th July. 

Contact the Embassy of Consulate of the Republic of Belarus to get a visa.

The following is required:

  • Passport
  • Completed visa application form
  • Photo
  • Original paper or electronic ticket to the European Games
  • Medical insurance
  • Consular fee for visa. 

If you decide to enter Belarus from the Russian territory, you will have to get a Russian transit visa too. 

Apart from specific visa-free and visa regimes applied within the period of the European Games, ordinary preferential regimes will continue to operate. It is about a visa-free regime with 24 countries**, with which Belarus has concluded special visa-free agreements, and a visa-free regime for the period of 30 days for citizens of 74 countries*. 

And keep in mind that if you come to Belarus for more than 5 days and do not live in a hotel or hostel, after arrival you have to register at the place of temporary residence within the period of 5 days. You can do this in the Citizenship and Migration Department or online.

Do not throw out your ticket to the Games, you will need it when you’ll leave the country. At the border officials will check it and mark indicating the registration at the place of arrival. 

*74 countries with visa-free regime
1. Australia,
2. Republic of Austria,
3. Republic of Albania,
4. Principality of Andorra,
5. Antigua and Barbuda,
6. Barbados,
7. Kingdom of Bahrain,
8. Kingdom of Belgium,
9. Republic of Bulgaria,
10. Bosnia and Herzegovina,
11. Republic of Vanuatu,
12. State of the Vatican City,
13. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
14. Hungary,
15. Socialist Republic of Vietnam,
16. Republic of Haiti,
17. Islamic Republic of The Gambia,
18. Federal Republic of Germany,
19. Greek Republic,
20. Kingdom of Denmark,
21. Commonwealth of Dominica,
22. Republic of India,
23. Republic of Indonesia,
24. Ireland,
25. Republic of Iceland,
26. Kingdom of Spain,
27. Italian Republic,
28. Canada,
29. Republic of Cyprus,
30. People’s Republic of China,
31. Republic of Korea,
32. State of Kuwait,
33. Republic of Latvia,
34. Lebanese Republic,
35. Republic of Lithuania,
36. Principality of Liechtenstein,
37. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,
38. Republic of Macedonia,
39. Malaysia,
40. Republic of Malta,
41. United Mexican States,
42. Federated States of Micronesia,
43. Principality of Monaco,
44. Republic of Namibia,
45. Kingdom of The Netherlands,
46. Nicaragua,
47. New Zealand,
48. Kingdom of Norway,
49. Sultanate Of Oman,
50. Republic of Panama,
51. Republic of Peru,
52. Republic of Poland,
53. Portuguese Republic,
54. Romania,
55. Independent State of Samoa,
56. Republic of San Marino,
57. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
58. Republic of Seychelles,
59. St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
60. Republic of Singapore,
61. Slovak Republic,
62. Republic of Slovenia,
63. United States of America,
64. Oriental Republic of Uruguay,
65. Republic of Finland,
66. French Republic,
67. Republic of Croatia,
68. Czech Republic,
69. Republic of Chile,
70. Swiss Confederation,
71. Kingdom of Sweden,
72. Republic of ElSalvador,
73. Republic of Estonia,
74. Japan

** 24 countries with special visa-free agreements
1. Azerbaijan.
2. Armenia.
3. Argentina.
4. Brazil.
5. Venezuela.
6. Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.
7. Georgia.
8. Israel.
9. Kazakhstan.
10. Qatar.
11. China.
12. Cuba.
13. Kyrgyzstan.
14. Macao, Special Administrative Region of China.
15. Moldova.
16. Mongolia.
17. United Arab Emirates.
18. Russia.
19. Serbia.
20. Tajikistan.
21. Turkey.
22. Uzbekistan.
23. Ukraine.
24. Ecuador.

If you have any questions, you can contact our public reception by e-mail [email protected] or by phone 375 44 562 38 42.

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