Sport and Human Rights: Overview October-December 2023

Human Constanta
2 February 2024


In the analytical report for October-December 2023 we analyzed the most significant events and news in sports through the prism of international human rights standards.

Belarusian de facto authorities continue to persecute the representatives of the sports industry who disagree with the regime; the practice of recording “repentance” videos persists. Meanwhile, the IOC decided to admit athletes from Belarus and Russia to the Olympic Games in 2024 in a neutral status.

During the analyzed period, we were able to note the events that testify to the development of women’s sports, in particular, football. A significant event is the example of building stadiums specifically for women – this is an important step to ensure the principles of inclusion and non-discrimination. 

Football fan clashes remain a key concern in the context of safety and security at sport events during this period. Unfortunately, people continue to be put at risk, with their health and even their lives threatened. One of the most high-profile incidents was the clash between Brazilian and Argentine fans during a World Cup-2026 qualifying match.

The right to health is one of the most pressing issues this year in the world of sport, and especially in football. Overloaded matches, high injury rates and the specificity of injuries in women’s sport. In the report we talked about athletes who have faced injuries and the existing research on the topic. 

In our overview we also covered news on the topics of LGBTQ+ community rights, racism and antisemitism, the war between Hamas and Israel, the struggle of athletes and fans against corruption and more.

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