Analytical report on the detention of foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus

Human Constanta
30 October 2017

In March 2017 in Belarus there were manifestations against the tax on parasitism, as a result of which a huge number of people, including foreigners, were detained.
Since Human Constanta sets one of its goals precisely the protection of the rights of foreign citizens, we analyzed the cases of detention and talked with the detainees.

Unfortunately, we found that in most cases the rights of foreigners were flagrantly violated, the detainees were not explained their rights and were not given an opportunity to contact lawyers. Conditions of detention were unsatisfactory, law enforcement officials did not facilitate contacts with consulates and embassies, whose citizens were detained and put under administrative arrest.

We described in detail the cases we known in the analytical note and added our recommendations and contacts, which can be useful to foreigners visiting Belarus.

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