Free legal office for the protection of the rights of foreign citizens and stateless persons: report for 2023

Human Constanta
22 April 2024

In 2017, Human Constanta opened a free legal office on issues of protecting the rights of foreign citizens and stateless people in Belarus. In 2021, Human Constanta, like many other civil society organizations in Belarus, was subjected to unjustified persecution and forced liquidation, which significantly hampered human rights and humanitarian work within the country. Physical offices in Minsk and Brest were closed, and personal reception of people was stopped. The free legal office team had to develop new approaches and tools to continue advising foreigners and stateless people on protecting their rights in Belarus and working with the humanitarian crisis at the border between Belarus and the European Union (EU), which began in the summer of 2021 and continues at the time of writing report.

This report is an overview of the activities of the free legal office, the specifics of requests and a description of the legislative and enforcement problems that we encountered in Belarus in 2023.

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