Applying for international protection in Belarus

Human Constanta
22 January 2024

You can apply for protection only on the territory of Belarus.

Where to apply

You can apply with a written application for protection (the form can be found here) in person or through an authorized representative to:

  1. Citizenship and Migration Unit;
  2. a border guard authority – if you have been detained for crossing the Belarusian border in violation of the established rules or if you have no grounds and documents to enter Belarus;
  3. an internal affairs body – if you have been detained for illegal stay in Belarus or in order to execute a decision on forced expulsion or deportation;
  4. a penal institution or an inquiry body – if you have been detained or arrested on the basis of a decision on extradition to a foreign state or if you are wanted internationally.

How to apply

! When applying for protection in Belarus, you may request that an interpreter be provided for you.

 You may submit your application for protection in person or through a representative if he/she shows a document confirming the impossibility of your personal application (if any) and a power of attorney. You will still have to come in person at a later date when your application for protection is considered.

! At your request, the application for protection can be filled out by an employee of the authority receiving the application or by an interpreter with your handwritten signature after reading the text of the application.

Required documents

The application for protection must be accompanied by (if any):

  • documents for traveling abroad; other documents allowing to establish or confirm identity;
  • visas;
  • travel documents confirming the route of travel from the State of nationality to Belarus;
  • documents confirming the period of stay in transit states;
  • residence permits in other states;
  • other documents, materials and information relevant to the consideration of the application for protection.

If there is no document for traveling abroad and other documents allowing to establish or confirm your identity, the application for protection is filled in from your words.

If the information you have provided is not supported by documents or other evidence, it is recognized as reliable if it is logically consistent, plausible, and does not contradict common knowledge and available information about the country where you are in danger.

How an application for protection is processed

The Citizenship and Migration Unit that has received your application for protection must:

  • explain to you your rights and obligations, the procedure for processing the application, and issue a certificate of application (valid for 14 days from the date of issue) and an information bulletin;
  • issue a referral for compulsory state fingerprint registration (DACTO);
  • issue a referral for compulsory medical examination.

 ! You must:

  • pass the DACTO and submit a certificate of completion to the Citizenship and Migration Unit within three working days from the date of issuance of the referral,go to a state health care organization to undergo a medical examination.

DACTO and medical examination are free of charge.

  • No later than 14 days after the receipt of your application for protection, you will be invited for an interview. The results of the interview are documented in a protocol, which you must read and sign.
  • After the interview, your application for protection will be registered and you will be given a certificate of registration of the application. Your passport or other document for traveling abroad will be confiscated while the application is being processed, and the registration certificate will serve as your identification document.
  • Your application for protection under the general procedure will be considered within three months from the date of its registration. A decision may be made sooner.

! If it is decided that your application is unfounded or abusive, or if it becomes known that you have provided false information, the decision can be made in an accelerated procedure – within 30 days.

You will be notified of the decision and invited to pick up a copy of the decision. If you are unable to come in person, a copy will be mailed to your address of registration. 

While your application is pending, you have rights and responsibilities, which you can read about here.

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