Monitoring of “hate speech”and offensive language against the background of the agitation period of presidential elections in Belarus

Human Constanta
22 December 2020

The human rights organization Human Constanta continues to study the problem of discriminatory statements and has decided to conduct its own monitoring of “hate speech” during the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus in 2020.

This monitoring is a pilot project and does not claim to be complete, and, therefore, does not pretend to have generalized conclusions but it provides some insight into the scope, subject matter and degree of aggressiveness of emotionally coloured statements.

We also do not consider that the elections in Belarus were held in accordance with the international standards, but we note their importance as a public event and, in this regard, the relevance of monitoring the rhetoric that occurs during the elections.


10 фильмов о дискриминации  и расизме

Наш волонтёр Алексей Сиротюк подготовил специальную подборку тематических фильмов о дискриминации и расизме.
hate speech Антидискриминация

HATE SPEECH: методические рекомендации правозащитных организаций в Беларуси

Методические рекомендации призваны ознакомить широкий круг заинтересованных людей с подходами к «языку вражды» с точки зрения международного права, описать беларусский правовой контекст, а также поделиться важными рекомендациями и ссылками.

Hate speech: свобода, право или дичь?

Правозащитная организация Human Constanta приглашает на открытую лекцию Йоанны Шиманьской на тему языка вражды, 20 февраля в 19:00.

Resourcefulness. Equality. Inclusion. Equality and Inclusion Week/ 9-16 November 2021

For a number of years now, from 9 November (the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the symbol of the beginning of the tragedy of the Holocaust) to 16 November (International Day of Tolerance), the Human Constanta team, together with other human rights and non-profit organisations, has been running an Awareness Week against Discrimination and Hate.
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