Report on the situation with transit refugees in Brest (July-December 2019)

Human Constanta
12 March 2020

This review is an interim report prepared on the basis of monitoring activities of Human Constanta office in Brest with the participation of volunteers. 

The review covers activities from January to June 2019. Human Constanta works with modern human rights challenges in Belarus. In particular, we are engaged in protection of rights of foreign citizens and stateless persons. In September 2016 we launched a Mission to help transit refugees in Brest.1 In March 2017, we opened an office in Brest to advise foreign citizens and stateless persons. We monitor the state of affairs in Brest and at the Terespol border crossing on a regular basis. So far we have issued several issue-related reports on the situation at the border.2

From June to December 2019, we conducted a survey of people seeking asylum humanitarian aid and consulting assistance.

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